Exam books handed over to school for preparation

„There is only one thing more expensive in the long run than education, no education.“ John F. Kennedy

That’s why we donated 35 exam training books to the graduating class of the Hans-Thoma-Schule in Malsch to help them prepare for their math exams.

Our trainee coordinator Tine Sell handed over the learning books to Claudia Polt-Schottmüller (learning group leader), Christoph Mayer (vice principal) and Kathrin Netischin (mathematics teacher) of the Hans-Thoma-School, making the teachers happy. And hopefully some students next year when the exams are over and there are good grades in math on the final report card.

And if you are already looking for an apprenticeship for next year or are interested in an internship or vacation job, please contact us at: personal@vi2vi-retail-solution.com

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